Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's been quite a while since I've posted so I thought I'd give an update! First of all, Josh is away at Hope Camp in Belize Central America right now. I'm so thankful that he has had the opportunity to experience this! We miss him so much but at the same time so proud that he chose to give this year to God and become part of Hope Corps. From what I hear, it has been amazing so far!!

Crystal is finishing up grade 9 and will be heading into High School in September. Big changes ahead!!! She's been working hard to get some credits before she even starts grade 10 so she will have a head start. Here's a little clip of her piece "Dreamcatcher" that she played for her end of the year recital.

Church has been amazing!! We have been having such a move of God! So thankful to be a part of it all! Thankful to all of you who keep the work in Airdrie in your prayers, don't stop now! Love you all :-)

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kevine said...

I wanted to hear more of that piano piece.Beautiful job.Crystal you are doing so good.Keep up the good work.Nan is so very proud of you.Also I am so proud of Josh and what he is doing for God.Natalie and Willie.I am so-o-o proud of you both and the work you are doing for God in Airdrie.I pray for that work every prayer.Love you all.......MOM.