Friday, October 29, 2010


So many things have been happening lately that I don't know where to start. Revival is HERE! We are in the midst of a mighty move of God. I feel so blessed to be in the big middle of it all. Please keep Airdrie in your prayers. We have had two new families visit us in our last two services and we are believing God that He will complete His work. We are enjoying having my mom here with us for the next little while also! We are soooo excited about all that God is doing!! Just thought I'd share ;-) :-)


Mrs. Wizzle said...

So glad you shared! It is just simply ..... marvellous, wonderful, unspeakable! Thanks for the update!

kevine said...

I was soooo glad to have spent some quality time with my family.Sure do miss you all.I am so happy now to have God in my life.I thank God every day for my great family.I am so thankful for all the prayers.Love you----- Mom.